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Amazing Trip To Walgreens

Last night I went to Walgreens with all 4 kids to see if the Money-Making deal on Right Guard deodorant (mentioned HERE) was really true.  My husband loves this stuff, so it was worth a look.

Well, it is true, so I went back today for more.









Here’s how I got all in the picture for $3.59 + tax:

Transaction #1:

Buy 4 Right Guard Deodorants on clearance for $2.29 each (included in the buy 1 get 1 free sale)

Use 2 $2 off 2 Right Guard Deodorant coupons from

Total: $.58 + tax, get a $4 Register Reward off next purchase Catalina


Transation #2, #3, #4, & #5: repeat Transation #1.


Transaction #6:

Buy 6 Coke 12 packs on sale 3 for $10 (Sprite & Coke Zero are included as well as other Coke products)

Use all 5 $4 off Register Rewards from above transactions

Total: $0 before tax, get $10 Register Reward off next purchase Catalina


Transaciton #7:

Buy 1 seed packet

Buy 1 Pampers Swadlers diapers (for a gift basket I’m making)

Use 1 in-ad coupon for seed packet

Use $1.50 off Swadlers diapers (from

Use 1 $10 Register Reward from previous transation

Total: $.69 + tax


**I find that if I just use the Register Rewards as soon as I get them I don’t forget to use them or wait for a sale.




What Blogs Do I Use To Spot Deals

I decided that it is about time for me to make a post that contains my very favorite blogs/websites that I use to spot great deals.  So here is a list.  Just click on the name and it will take you to their main web/blog page.

Coupon STL

Clippin’ WIth Carie

STL Mommy


Shopping Tips & Tricks

Coupon Pro

Hip 2 Save

Simply CVS

Totally Target

Wild For Wags

I hope that these sites can help you spot deals too.  I suggest that you “like” them on Facebook too. if you check your Facebook account as often as I do.

Happy Saving!

How Do I Get Stuff Free?

This week there are many items that everyone can get for free at both CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and other stores!

You can see them listed on these blogs: Coupon STL and Clippin’ With Carie.

One major “trick” to using coupons is to pair a sale with a great coupon.  This week, there is a Buy 1 Get 1 free coupon that can be combined with a great sale at CVS.

Click HERE to see one way to get 6 free deodorants at CVS (thanks!)


Speedstick ECB at CVS 1.29.12

Get Free Stuff with Rewards “Points”

One of the ways that I get coupons for free items is through 2 different “reward points” systems; My Coke Rewards & Huggies (Enjoy The Ride Rewards).


It’s literally as simply as visiting the website, logging in, & then entering the point codes that you have.  (On Coke products, it is on the box or lid of the products.  On Huggies, it is inside the package of diapers or wipes.)


I tend to accumulate several codes before I log in.  Somehow only earning 10 points is not as rewarding as earning 100.


Sometimes there are blogs posting codes for free points too.  (Blogs like Coupon Pro & Clippin’ With Carie.) I don’t always take advantage of these, but I know I should.


I have “bought” free coupons with my points before from both My Coke Rewards & Huggies and used them at Shop N Save on their $10 off $50 purchase days.  🙂


Happy Saving!

How Do You Coupon & Save So Much?

The most frequently asked question that I am asked is: “How do you coupon & save so much?  I could never do that!”

Well, I honestly don’t have too much time to coupon & save money (heck I have 4 boys age 7 and under!) so I have just learned to use my time wisely.  I just check the blogs, websites, and Facebook pages that I find most useful.  Then, if I see a good deal, I make a note of it.  Sometimes I make it to the store to get the deal, sometimes I don’t.  If I have no extra coupon money to spend, I don’t go shopping.  I usually only buy 1 newspaper each week, but have a few friends give me theirs. (This week I did buy 3 extra newspapers though because of the $2 off diaper coupon.)

Here are the blogs & Facebook pages that I visit almost daily:

Coupon STL

Clippin’ With Carie (a.k.a. Saving Money In Missouri)


Wild For Wags (Walgreens)

Simply CVS

Coupon Pro

STL Mommy

Totally Target

Also, each week I’ll check out the Sunday Coupon Preview to see which coupons I might get in my paper.

(Note: St. Louis Post Dispatch & The Telegraph do NOT always have the same coupons.  Most of the blogs I mentioned above use the St. Louis Post Dispatch coupons.)


If you have any coupling or saving money questions, please leave a comment.  Happy Saving!


Swagbucks 101

Have you tried Swagbucks yet?  I began doing Swagbucks last year around Thanksgiving and I’ve been spending my Swagbucks to earn $5 Amazon gift cards.  So, a few weeks ago when the twins wanted the new Cars 2 game for the Wii and DS, I decided to use my Swagbucks to buy them.  My husband had a $10 credit from the last games he pre-ordered from them.  Take a look at what we paid HERE…only $.95 after shipping!!

I’ve decided to create a post to help you earn more swagbucks too.

1. Sign up for a Swagbucks account HERE.

2. Under the EARN tab, select “Daily Polls.”  Answer the question to earn up to 1 Swagbuck a day.

3. Under the EARN tab, select “NOSO.”  You do not have to sign up for anything here, just scroll down and click SKIP or SEE NEXT OFFER.  Once you reach the end, you will need to enter the provided code to earn 2 more Swagbucks a day.

4.  Under the EARN tab, select “Trusted Surveys.”  You can take surveys if you want to, but I never seem to qualify for them.  However, if you select “PROFILES” under where it says “Welcome back, <your name here>,”  you can complete all of these questions to earn more Swagbucks.

5.  Under the EARN tab, select “Search.”  Use this as your search engine instead of Google or Yahoo.  Sometimes you may have to search a LOT of times to earn free Swagbucks.  TIP:  You can search multiple times a day, but it will only let you earn Swagbucks for searching 1 time per hour.  Usually I search 1 time in the morning, 1 time in the afternoon, and 1 time before bed.

6.  From the main Swagbucks Page (just click the Swagbucks logo tab), select “Invite Friends.”  Earn 1 Swagbuck per day for inviting your friends.  This is a great thing to do too because you earn more Swagbucks from referring others!

7. From the main Swagbucks Home Page, if you click “View Account” you can view the “Ledger” to see how you have earned and redeemed Swagbucks.

8.  Spend your Swagbucks at the Swag Store under the REDEEM tab.  I always pick $5 Amazon gift cards because I know my family and I will use them and they are a great value for the Swagbucks that they cost.

9.  Often times there are free Swagbucks to be had.  I see on several Facebook pages (like Coupon Pro and Clippin’ With Carie) that there is a free code on the interned that expires soon.  If you find these codes (or go through the treasure hunt to figure out the codes), you can redeem them from the main Swagbucks Home Page by entering them in the rectangle under “Enter Your Swag Code” and clicking REDEEM.

I hope this helps.  Do you have any other tips for earning Swagbucks?

Resources that I use

For those of you in the St. Louis/Alton area who are wanting to know the resources that I use, here are some of my favorites (click the name to visit their site):

Clippin’ With Carrie
Coupon STL
STL Mommy
 – especially under the coupon tab to search the Coupon Database for coupons.  Not always accurate, but still nice to use
Totally Target
Simply CVS
Wild For Wags

Where do I get my coupon inserts?  Well, I usually buy 3-6 copies of the Sunday Post Dispatch and get some more inserts from my family and friends.  I get the Post instead of the Alton Telegraph, because that is what Coupon STL uses and it helps me find them easier.  (The coupons in the Post ARE different than the Telegraph sometimes.)

What do you use to scope out great deals?